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The Steering Committee: Meet the Team

The Steering Committee

Purpose of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is accountable to and made up of  Coalition Members who represent the main stakeholder group and is mainly responsible for ensuring that Coalition decisions are in line with the Coalition's philosophy by overseeing the Policy Committees, voting on measures produced by the Policy Committees and Executive Committee, and hosting the Executive Committee. The Steering Committee is comprised of Coalition Members who volunteer to assume the additional responsibilities of a Steering Committee member.

Steering Committee Members

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee controls at-large administrative, financial, and managerial matters of the MVWC. The Executive Committee is responsible for monitoring the compliance of Coalition Members with the by-laws/Standard Operating Procedures. The Executive Committee is comprised of executive-level individuals from the Steering Committee. Executive Committee members are elected for staggered, 2-year terms.

Lindsey Knapp

Lindsey Knapp, Esq.

Founder & Executive Director, Combat Sexual Assault


Amy Braley Franck
Vice Chair
Founder, Never Alone Advocacy

Latonia Edwards

Latonia Edwards
Executive Director, 6IX, Inc.

Steph Kalota.jpg

Stephanie Kalota

Founder, Veteran Legislative Voice


Diana Danis

Chair, Policy Committee on Sexual Violence

Lead Administrator, Service Women Who Serve


Tracie Walls

Chair, Policy Committee on Homelessness

Vice President, WINC: For All Women Veterans


Stephanie Gattas

Chair, Policy Committee on Mental Health & Wellness

Founder & Executive Director, The Pink Berets

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