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Membership Descriptions & Application

Coalition Members


Coalition Members are formal or informal organizations (non-profits, community organizations, online organizations, and groups) that meet the threshold for Coalition Membership. In order to join the Coalition as a Member, an organization must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 51% of the organization or group's activities are dedicated to supporting service women and/or women veterans

  • The organization is willing to sign a letter of commitment to join the Coalition  and support a policy committee

As a Coalition Member, an organization has the following benefits:


  • The organization becomes a voting member of the Coalition and has an active voice in determining policy priorities of the Coalition

  • Coalition Members participate in policy development committees and help develop policy recommendations

  • Members may sign on to joint letters to policymakers and lawmakers

  • Members have access to a database of organizations that support servicewomen and women veterans

  • Members may be asked to attend Congressional roundtable discussions and/or testify at Congressional hearings

  • Members may meet with Congressional leaders during the annual MVWC meeting

  • Members may attend the annual Coalition Meeting and listen to monthly Steering Coalition calls.

Friends of the Coalition




Friends of the Coalition are corporations, foundations, non-profits, and individuals that do not meet the threshold for organizational membership but want to support the work of the Coalition.

Friends of the Coalition are not voting members of the Coalition, but have the following benefits:


  • Friends may sign on to join letters to policymakers and lawmakers

  • Friends of the Coalition may attend the annual Coalition Meeting

Community Standards Statement

Organizations and Friends of the MVWC commit to engaging in positive behavior toward other MVWC organizations and the community of women that we all serve. The women we serve are veterans or currently serving military members from diverse backgrounds. We are women of different races, genders, ethnicities, national origins, religions, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, disabilities, and many other unique attributes. Our actions support all of us in our struggles for equality, recognition, and support.

Our Coalition is comprised of organizations and friends who seek to recognize and overcome the disadvantaged position of women, especially minority women. Further, the MVWC includes organizations whose activities and policies positively reflect on women veterans and servicewomen.  Our values are: teamwork, honesty, integrity, diversity, respect.

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