Coalition Developments

September 9, 2018

Inaugural Meeting  of the MWC in Atlanta, Georgia;  over 300 attendees and 17 organizations sign a MWC Letter of Committment

January - June 2019

June 2019

Communications Strategic Plan developed and delivered by BAH

MWC Steering Committee meets in DC and introduces Coalition to Members of Congress

Coalition is invited to attend future Congressional roundtables

October 2019

SOP approved by Steering Committee

December 2020

Steering Committee officers voted in to the newly-formed Executive Committee

Coalition is invited to testify at hearings as a SME

January 2020

Steering Committee establishes membership requirements including dues

February 2020

Website is developed and launched

Monthly Steering Committee meetings are moved to Zoom Pro

May 2020

Steering Committee begins accepting new member applications and reintroduces itself to the Coalition

December 2020

Annual Meeting

Coalition Joint Letters & Statements to VA and Congressional Leaders

Letter to HASC and SASC in Support of the PANORAMA ACT  

June 2020

 Letter to the House Armed Services Committee and in support of legislation to increase transparency in the appointment process to the service academies.

Download PDF.

Letter to SVAC and HVAC  Demanding Accountability from Sec. Wilke

January 2020

Sexual harassment at the VA - joint letter to the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee and the House Veterans Affairs Committee demanding accountability from the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs for his remarks regarding a case of sexual harassment at a VA facility.

Download PDF.

Statement for the Record on Women Veterans' Legislation

September 2019

Statement for the record supporting legislative action on a number of House Resolutions related to women veterans.

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Letter to SVAC and HVAC Supporting Change to Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

February 2019

Letter to Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee and the House Veterans Affairs Committee supporting an initiative to create a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that specifically supports female service-members as they are leaving the military.

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Letter to SVAC, HVAC, SecVA Regarding MST Claims

September 2018

Letter to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, and the House Veterans Affairs Committee demanding a re-look of improperly processed military sexual trauma (MST) claims.

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Download the response from the VA.

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