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About the Military & Veteran Women's Coalition

The MVWC is a national group of formal and informal organizations who work
collaboratively to serve and support US active duty, Guard, Reserve, Veteran, and retired servicewomen by uniting and elevating their voices to influence policy and improve their well-being. 


Women have officially served in the military since 1901; unofficially, they have served in every US conflict since the American Revolution. Today, more than 350,000 women are in uniform, and there are over 2 million living women veterans. Yet to this day, women’s contributions to our national defense go unrecognized by the American public. Despite two centuries of service to our nation, they continue to face gender bias and barriers within the military and when attempting to access the VA benefits and services they have earned while defending our nation.

Formation of the Coalition

To address serious issues of injustice and well-being for military women, we are asking organizations to coalesce and join the Military & Veteran Women’s Coalition, which will unite and amplify our voices. We held our very first national meeting in Atlanta, Ga., on September 7, 2018. The meeting was attended by more than 170 people representing over 70 different organizations. Over 130 people traveled to Atlanta to attend in person, and 40 joined us via live stream.

Eleven organizations volunteered to form the Steering Committee, which guides the Coalition today. In November 2019, the Steering Committee elected its first leadership committee, the Executive Committee.

Core Issues

The Coalition Advisory Group, a small group of eight organizations that formed in the Spring of 2018 to explore the idea of a coalition, conducted a community interest survey in May, June, and July 2018 to gauge the level of interest in creating a coalition. In total, 81 people completed the survey, representing over 70 organizations.

Survey respondents identified the top three priorities for the Military & Veteran Women’s Coalition:

  1. Sexual violence in the military (including the VA)

  2. Mental and physical wellness 

  3. Veterans' homelessness

The Steering Committee formed three Policy Committees to address each of these priorities: The Committee on Physical and Mental Wellness, The Committee on Homelessness, and the Committee on Sexual Violence. Each Committee is led by a chair elected for a two-year term.


Disclaimer: Membership in the Military & Veteran Women’s Coalition is not an endorsement by the Coalition of a member organization. Member organizations are invited to promote and participate in the Coalition's work, but membership does not constitute endorsement of any aspect of the member organization's work.

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