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MWC Presents: Yoga Fest

Join us for our 1st Annual Yoga Fest to support the Military Women's Coalition!

About this event

This year on Veterans Day, November 11, we will be hosting a Yoga Fest to help bring some much needed grace and equanimity to our community.

The last couple of years have been particularly challenging for many of us, and as we process trauma through the mind, we also have to process it through the body. In partnership with Combat Sexual Assault and Sanford Yoga & Community Center, we will be offering trauma informed yoga that will help reset and restore your nervous system. An agitated mind cannot live in a calm body, so join us as we give you the tools on how to expand the breath and ease the mind.

Our class offerings will be as follows (all listed in Eastern Standard Times):

9am-9:45am & 2pm-2:45pm: Yoga for Trauma 10am-10:45am & 3pm-3:45pm: Nervous System Rehabilitation for Trauma and/or Chronic Pain 11am-11:45am & 4pm-4:45pm: Slow Flow w/ Integrative Rest (iRest)

Yoga for Trauma: After experiencing a traumatic event, the nervous system can enter a heightened state. Using the breath as our guide, we will be inviting rest into our body so that healing can occur. This gentle yoga practice is for all levels. It can be practiced on a mat on the floor, or modified while sitting in a chair. If there is a movement that you cannot do (or do not have the limb to do so), you can still achieve the same benefit by visualizing yourself doing the movement. You do not actually have to move to benefit from this class. Movement is very nurturing for some, but for others, it is more supportive to visualize the movements. Both methods will achieve the same results. You will be able to calm the mind and invite healing into the body by simply listening to this class.

Nervous System Rehabilitation for Trauma and/or Chronic Pain: When we experience a traumatic event, from an assault to a car accident, our body keeps the score. Our nervous system grows like branches of a tree, and these types of events cause these branches to get pruned. This can cause chronic pain, create mobility restrictions, or cause generalized discomfort or performance issues. During this class, our Structural Integrator will use very slow and deliberate movements that will allow your nervous system to recreate these maps and allow the branches to grow again. Think of this as Physical Therapy for your nervous system.

Slow Flow w/ Integrative Rest (iRest): This class will begin with a slow & gentle yoga movements and will end with a scientifically proven mediation method called iRest that will calm the nervous system and invite rest throughout the body. Richard Miller's iRest protocol is an integrative approach that heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. It recognizes the underlying sense of calm that is always present, even amidst all changing circumstances of life. Extensive research has shown that iRest effectively supports the healing process across a broad range of populations.

Cost: $40: 9am-12pm OR 2pm-5pm (includes 3 yoga classes) $75 : 9am-5pm (includes 6 yoga classes) All proceeds will go to support the Military Women's Coalition.

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